About Us

Seaport Community Health Center (SCHC) has been offering primary medical care for the Waldo County community since 1984. In the 1990s SCHC became a federally qualified health center, and in 2013 joined Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) to become part of a wider network offering primary medical care to the region.  

Meanwhile, in 2004, Drs. Loxterkamp and Kuhn at SCHC began offering office-based medication-assisted treatment using buprenorphine to patients presenting with substance abuse. By 2008, SCHC was using group therapy, offering the hope of life change and eventual freedom from addiction for all their substance-using patients.

The program has steadily grown, and in 2016 the Seaport Recovery Program cares for about 90 patients in six weekly “home” groups, one 2mg biweekly “maintenance” group and one weekly “skill building” group. Each group consists of no more than 12 individuals with a provider and therapist.

All primary care doctors at SCHC are involved in addiction treatment, attending their own group along with their other primary care responsibilities. We believe that substance abuse is a community problem, the resolution of which will involve contributions from all of us.