Remediation and discharge

Warning letters are sent out when rules are broken. Remediation sessions are scheduled when red flags continue to appear. The purpose of the session is to reinforce accountability and explore other possible factors inhibiting the process of recovery that may need to be addressed preventatively. Remediation sessions can be scheduled with the therpaist, the provider, or in a joint session with both to prevent triangulation. Remediation sessions are scheduled for:

  • Missed or failed pill/film counts.
  • Repeated drug-positive urines.
  • Missed recovery group sessions (more than one per month).
  • Repeated missed individual counseling sessions.
  • Unwillingness to heed our recommendations for more intensive treatment.

Grounds for immediate discharge include threatening/harassing/assaultive behavior, confirmed breach of confidentiality, and confirmed sharing/selling of prescriptions. Often additional counseling is required. If an individual cannot stabilize in outpatient therapy, a higher level of care is indicated. We routinely refer individuals to “The Farm” (28 day residential program in Aroostook County), Wellspring in Bangor, and Crossroads which has the capacity to welcome mothers and their children. We notify everyone of discharge with a formal discharge letter.